AtlasIntel provides customized big data and technology solutions for solving complex business challenges. Here is a sample of what we do.

Big Data

Gather, integrate and gain insights from huge amounts of data across your business.

Leverage the huge amounts of data that lie abandoned in all corners of your business to improve operations, gain strategic insights, and better respond to customer needs. Gather, integrate, analyze.

  • Design for unstructured database infrastructures
  • Big data processing algorithms
  • Automatized natural language processing
  • Regressions & predictive analyses
  • Data team set-up and training
  • Data security


Visualize key data in versatile dashboards, delivering insights and ops improvements.

We design dashboards that improve operations, drive agility across your business, and lead to fast insights. We empower organizations to focus more time on forward thinking and less time on data crunching and outdated processes.

  • d3 visualizations
  • Dashboard design & optimization
  • Third-party & CRM integrations
  • User alerts & notification systems
  • Reporting toolkits
  • Critical KPI monitoring in real time


Leverage internal and external data to forecast demand and its impact on ops.

We build advanced probability models focused on predicting key business indicators, from demand to operational requirements. We help you assess risk and stress-test your business strategy against potential disruptions and exogenous shocks.

  • Portfolio demand & optimization
  • Geographic trends
  • Category winners and losers
  • Risk & compliance stress-tests
  • Operational optimization forecasting
  • Synergies & cannibalization

Social Media Intel

Monitor the impact of social media on your business in real time.

Our algorithms collect millions of data points on social media activity every minute. But we don’t just collect and visualize data; we reveal the real-world impact of social media on brands and business outcomes

  • Customer engagement & satisfaction
  • Sentiment analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Intelligent tagging
  • Trending interests and products
  • Causal analysis of virality
  • Rankings & time series of brand performance
  • Rankings of viral posts


Understand the opinion of your customers on minute aspects of your business.

We conduct reliable, representative polls using a scientific methodology. Our specialty is online polling, which is more cost-effective, scalable, and dependable than location or telephone surveys.

  • National polls
  • Regional & narrow demography polls
  • Event polls (track the impact of a campaign)
  • Advanced segmentation & analysis
  • Customer decision models
  • Demographic intelligence


Customize your communication to effectively impact each demographic.

Our micro-targeting algorithms deliver customized campaign content to those individuals that are most likely to convert to your advertising. Micro-targeting maximizes impact and reduces cost.

  • Cross-channel delivery: digital, phone & street level
  • Dynamic optimization with A/B testing
  • Data-mining for dataset enrichment
  • Remarketing strategies

Tracking Pro

Proprietary high-frequency polling that enables you to be the first to know when public opinion shifts and the likelihood of political outcomes changes.


Atlas Monitor

Atlas Monitor is a customizable social media intelligence tool that provides granular monitoring of businesses, organizations, topics, political campaigns, etc.


Public Polls

Nationally representative polls conducted by AtlasIntel using its proprietary data collection technology and post-stratification algorithms.


Atlas Político

Atlas Político is a political transparency platform that empowers citizens to keep their politicians accountable.